Mike Spencer
Data scientist | Hydrologist
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Mike Spencer

Mike is a data scientist tackling challenges in rural policy research. His work is diverse and includes agriculture, mental health, digital economy and other topics. Within his research group, he is also responsible for data management and strategy.

Mike has a PhD from the University of Edinburgh, where he studied snow hydrology. His research was based around a historic dataset (Snow Survey of Great Britain), which he used to demonstrate a link between snow cover and climate fluctuations and better understand snow cover and melt frequency through computer simulation, machine learning and statistics. You can read more about Mike's research on his blog, scottishsnow.

Prior to Mike's return to university he worked as a hydrologist for Environment Agency Wales and Halcrow Group Ltd. Mike worked on projects including river and coastal flood mapping, flood defence scheme design, river reallignment, flood forecasting (operationally and model development) and flood risk assessment. Mike graduated from Lancaster University in 2004 with a BSc in Environmental Science.

Mike is a fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and member of the British Hydrological Society.



Click the icon or text above to download a copy of Mike's CV. Please Get in touch to discuss collaborative work. Mike is particularly keen to be involved with applied research projects which incorporate data science principles to environmental problems.

PhD Thesis

Click the icon or text above to download a copy of Mike's PhD thesis (50 MB). This investigates the link between Scottish snow cover and the North Atlantic Oscillation, which can be used to forecast snow cover duration; and the spatial variability and extremes of snow melt and snow cover in Scotland.


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